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I truly believe that my purpose in this world is to understand others and be of service to them. I absolutely love helping people bring out the best in themselves and utilize the time they have on this Earth productively. I have often found myself looking for ways to live better and be better. Often times afraid of success just as much as I am failure, I have struggled to achieve goals that I knew would propel me forward. Like many other black women, honesty comes easy for me, however, vulnerability does not. I created Nsight Flow to give individuals, especially women, a voice in their own problem solving, to help figure out the blocks that exist and how to move past them. I've too often seen people fearful of being great without an understanding as to why and without the motivation to move past it. It is important to me that people know they have all the tools they need deep within themselves and it is my pleasure to help them dig for it. Nsight Flow is a dream that I never thought possible, yet here we are. Helping people manifest their dreams and be true to themselves is my priority. During each session we will not only work hard but we will also have fun doing it! It is my hope that Nsight Flow becomes a place for you to see your greatness. Dreams are just that; I am here to help you turn dreams into drive.

Don't get me wrong, I'm serious about my work but I am an absolute good time! I'm a loving mother to Ashton, a seven year old yorkie-poo (this is about as far as motherhood will go for me). I'm a self-proclaimed International Spades Champion that, I promise, you don't want to see on the table. I absolutely love a good hike; it's not only my connection to nature but my connection with the Lord himself. I love a good day party so don't be surprised if you see me out in these streets getting down with a good cocktail!

Bachelor of Arts: Psychology (Northern Illinois University)

Master of Science: Higher Education (Purdue University Global)

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Currently Residing: Charlotte, NC



"I’ve always been the type of person to push myself but sometimes get stuck. Niecy has always been the type to help me see past what I was able to conceptualize at the moment. She’s always coming with the tough questions and forcing me to be real with myself about what I want and my potential. She pushes you to come up with your plan then holds you accountable to what YOU said you would do! She calls you out on your foolishness but supports you in figuring it out. I know that A LOT of my personal and professional development is because I have her to help me get past my barriers!"

Ashley E.

South Holland, IL

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