The "What If" Game

Start that _______, sis...

The infamous what if. The single question that holds us back from doing everything we've ever wanted to do. The inquiry that subconsciously tells us we have no idea what we're doing, so we should stop trying to be anything more than what we are. The inquisition that binds us from our potential and stifles our creativity.

I've never been a huge fan of children, but what I admire about them is their ability to make their imaginations reality. They're not concerned with limitations or nay-sayers. A child decides one day that they want to be an astronaut so they spend their afternoon finding boxes, random household items, and coloring supplies to build a rocket ship. If you tell them that their rocket ship is poorly built and barely resembles an actual space craft, they'll more than likely just look at you with hopeful eyes and respond, "I like it" while continuing their alien mission. When mom decides she's tired of that thing lying around the house, she throws it away. What does the child do? Build another one the next day.

Somewhere between 10 and 13 we lose the ability to try. We forget how resilient we once were. We forget how to turn our imag